We're on a Mission

Abby's Barkery provides delicious dog treats and natural chews your pups will love! Our treats are made from scratch with only the best selected and minimal ingredients. A healthy pup is a happy pup!


  • Meet Luck

      Luck was rescued from Shutt'er Down Ranch and later adopted by us! It's actually quite the "love at first sight" story. It was meant to be! Luck is our 100 lb lap dog and taste tester. Luck's favorite treat flavor is PB & Pumpkin and his favorite chew is a beef cheek roll. Luck is all about meeting new people. He's quite the social butterfly. If you catch us at the dog park, Luck will be leading the pack with a fun game of chase!

  • Megan & Adam

      Megan began making Abby's dog food and treats at home in 2018. Vets could not recognize Abby's condition at the time and euthanasia was the only answer they could give. Megan had hope. While excelling in her career as a weight loss specialist, Abby's health declined. Megan took a second job to support Abby's special needs while becoming an entrepreneur. Megan began selling her home made treats from local businesses and to dog loving friends. Shortly after, she and Abby met Adam and instantly connected.

      Not only does Adam share the same passion of pup health, he is also Director at Canyongate Financial. Adam and his company help small businesses grow. Adam takes pride in being a woman owned business supporter and believes that no dream is too small.

  • Our Angel, Abby

      Abby was the sweetest girl with a loving personality and protective of her family. She loved hunting bugs, attacking sprinkler systems, and moms homemade treats! Although she hated when mom dressed her up in holiday clothes, she willingly accepted!

      Developing a handful of health issues toward the end of her life, this sweet girl brought much light to the importance of dog health awareness. Inspired by Abby, we launched Abby's Barkery in 2021 with a passion to provide healthier dog treat options, in hopes to improve quality of life.

    *Abby gained 12 happy months of life that was told impossible through a healthier diet.